Genie G2 Gem Maker

Diamond Pacific Genie G2 Gem Maker

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Availability: Cabbers, saws, and tumblers ship from the manufacturer subject to their production cycles without a known specific shipping date, please allow additional time to prepare for shipping. The most current availability info is shown below.

Why order your cabbing machine from SUVA?

Full manufacturer warranties apply for every machine and our always-competitive prices.

We also understand the varying lead-times for a machine to ship from the manufacturer can feel like a kid during the weeks before a birthday. So every cabbing machine purchase from SUVA scores you a "starter pack" of your choice of 2 professional cabochon templates to start planning your first cabs while you wait for your machine to arrive! Add your choice of 2 Donald K Olson cabochon templates to your cart with this machine to apply the discount.

*note Promo applies to US addresses and are a "thank you" for your understanding that completed machine orders can sometimes take longer to arrive and the cost of the starter pack items will be deducted from refunds if an open machine order is requested to be canceled.

Availability update May-3:  DP estimates open Genie orders to ship around mid-late May. As always, a limited number of machines are produced each cycle and orders are filled first come first serve, shopping dates for your particular maching may vary depending on order volume and this availability can change by the time you place your order.

The next-generation Genie is here! The Diamond Pacific Genie G2 has all the features you love about the original Genie with MORE POWER and a baseboard more resistant to warping over time.

You've seen the cabs at the shows, the windowed rutilated quartz, the gemstone boxes and figures. You've bought a few pieces of rough that caught your eye, and a cab or two from your region's favorite jeweler you see at all the area shows. You might've checked your local classifieds and seen a couple cabbing machines, a few of them were probably even Genies, still running and ready to go to the next owner.

But this time, let's skip the rust and questionable maintenance.

Not only does The Genie G2 cabbing machine make short work of grinding and polishing gemstones, but with a few accessories added it becomes a trim saw, jewelers buffer, flat lap machine, and a way to easily miter perfect corners for gemstone boxes. Put a Genie in your workshop and you'll work wonders! The Genie G2 will do your grinding and polishing jobs in the fastest and most efficient manner available. The battle-tested combination of industry gold-standard Galaxy and Nova diamond grinding wheels all mounted together in a row lets you proceed directly from one step to the next without any delay or a lot of bother. Turn out a 30 x 40 agate cab from preform to finished gem in a matter of minutes. Diamond Pacific has designed and refined the lapidary Genie cab machine over decades to give you lasting service, convenience, and best of all - top performance to put real pleasure into your lapidary hobby or profession and save your valuable time. Starting with a top quality motor big enough for the job, there is no skimping on any of the parts to give you the best quality and long machine life for your hard-earned shop budget.


Made in California by Diamond Pacific, the Genie G2 comes complete and gives you a full array of 6" diamond wheels to help you take that slab you found in the rough bin at the show last year to its final form. Diamond Pacific's legendary 6 diamond wheel sequence of Galaxy grinding wheels followes by soft Nova sanding wheels is the best all-around choice for shaping and polishing stones. Wheels are easy to change if you need to mount specialty tools. The pans have splash guards and are easily removed for cleanup. It accepts accessories mounting with a 1-4”-20 thread bolt. Driving the six wheels is a heavy duty industrially rated 1/2 HP sealed motor that that never needs oiling.

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