Magnetic Nova Laps
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Magnetic Nova Laps

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Availability: Limited In-House. In-stock items usually ship within 24 business hours, some options or quantities may manufacturer drop-ship. Review "selection" section for details. Allow up to 48h for carrier scans after you receive the tracking number.

Diamond Pacific Nova Magnetic Laps quickly finish your shaped lapidary art without the mess of traditional diamond compounds.

Diamond Pacific Magnetic Nova Laps give you the reliable and efficient polishing performance of Diamond Pacific's resin-bond diamond compound mounted to a magnet base for the convenience of an easy to swap magnetic lap.


Laps made with a 1/16" thick backing of solid rubber contains magnetized iron particles will adhere to a cast iron, nickel, or steel plated master lap. The rubber is coated with a thick layer of Diamond Pacific's special Nova resin-bond diamond formula for fast action and lasting service. The surface of the Magnetic Nova is made with a grid pattern for better performance. Standard sequence laps are stocked in limited quantities in 280 through 50,000 grit

Diamond Pacific utilizes an extra-concentrated amount of diamonds in the Nova resin layer to provide a durable and fast-cutting wheel for professional lapidaries and jewelers creating custom body jewelry, cabochons, or intarsia where time and accuracy is key.


Diamond Pacific's recommended general purpose grit sequence for sanding most lapidary material flats is 30-60-280-600-1200 grits followed by polish on a pad. This combination will put an excellent polish on most stones, while some hard-to-polish material or deep saw or lapping marks may require more steps such as a coarse-grit magnetic diamond plated lap, additional grit Nova laps, or lapidary polishing compounds like diamond paste or cerium oxide.

Diamond Pacific Nova Magnetic Laps MUST be used with water when lapping.


A wide choice of grit and size discs are available to fit your equipment. Diamond Pacific Nova Magnetic Laps are recommended to be used in sets rather than in combination with other brands or styles of sanding and polishing wheels to allow for predictable progress between grits.

Available Diameters: 
    • 4" diameter, magnetic mount
    • 6" diameter, magnetic mount
    • 8" diameter, magnetic mount

Available Grits: 
    • 30
    • 60 - Green
    • 140 - Rust
    • 280 - Black
    • 600 - Brown
    • 1200 - Grey
    • 3000 - Rose
    • 8000 - Tan
    • 14000 - Cream
    • 50000 - Lt Blue
These 4" and 6" Magnetic Nova Laps and 4"-6"-8" mounting plates are usually stocked in-house in limited quantities and ship within 24 business hours! Other sizes, bulk orders, or when included with other non-stocked items may drop-ship from Diamond Pacific after processing and will require additional time for delivery. Contact us with questions!


With a no-hole spin-on Lapcraft Back Plate or other steel flat laps or other lapidary cabbing machines compatible with the diameter lap and 1/4"-20 bolt accessory. Nova laps can be installed on your Diamond Pacific Pixie, Genie, Titan, CabKing 6", CabKing 8".

Laps mount magnetically to steel back plates and are easily removed. You can use the Magnetic Novas Laps on your present flat lap setup in most cases, but they will not work on aluminum or diamond-coated discs.


*MSRP price and cost increases of 10% went into effect 10/1/19 & 1/1/20, largely due to current global trade policies increasing the expense of raw materials for manufacturing.

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