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Diamond Pacific Cerium Oxide Nova Lap Disc at SUVA Lapidary Supply 100-RD4-C
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Diamond Pacific

Cerium Oxide Polishing Discs

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📦 In stock and ships within 4-24 hours!
📦 In stock and ships within 4-24 hours!

Upgrade your lapidary cabber with screw-backed Diamond Pacific Nova Cerium Oxide lap discs to quickly add a brilliant final polish to your gemstones and cabochons. With this foam-backed padded lap coated resin-bond cerium oxide polish, lapidary artists can sand and polish quickly and without the mess of compounds or pastes conveniently on the end of their cabbing machine without changing the wheels.

Diamond Pacific Cerium Oxide Polishing Nova discs quickly give a brilliant final polish to your gemstones and cabochons after sanding and pre-polishing with your chosen sequence of lapidary wheels or Nova laps. The largest benefit of a Cerium Polish lap is found when cutting stones with pits, cracks, or absorbent matrix like gembone, ocean jasper, and opal. The typical slurry-based polish residue staining of undercut or porous areas in your stone can be avoided since the lap pad's surface is a cerium-oxide impregnated resin which doesn't wash off with the water cooling. Compared to a traditional lapidary polishes like diamond compound paste or super premium cerium oxide polish powder on a canvas pad, the mess reduction on your hands, face, and ceiling is significant.


Basically a semi-flattened cerium wheel, these convenient cerium diamond laps by Diamond Pacific have a soft foam rubber backing and have a slightly convex dome so that under pressure of your stone they provide an even polishing surface in the middle area often missed with other laps. The rubber is coated with a thick layer of Diamond Pacific's special Nova resin-bond cerium oxide formula for fast action and long lap life and mounted to a plastic screw-back plate for quick installation on your cabbing machine.

Selection and Compatibility

Professional cabochon cutters, custom jewelry artists, or body jewelry makers who work a higher volume of lapidary materials will appreciate the quick and mess-less polishing action of these Diamond Pacific Cerium Oxide Polishing laps to finish cabochons or other lapidary works on a cabbing machine. Install the cerium lap at the end of your shaft next to your grinding and sanding wheels. The standard 1/4 inch-20 thread bolt is molded into the back-up plate to fit most mainstream cabbers with a tapped right-end shaft such as the Diamond Pacific Pixie Gem-Maker (4"), Diamond Pacific Genie G2 Gem Maker (6"), Diamond Pacific Titan Gem Maker, (8") and CabKing 6 inch or CabKing 8 inch.

Available Cerium Oxide Disc Diameters

  • 4 inch
  • 6 inch

Available Grits

  • Cerium Oxide Polish

Instructions, Manuals, and Usage Tips

  • To increase the life of your lap and increase the speed of finishing your stones you can add additional steps to your lapidary cutting sequence such as 8,000-50,000 grit Nova Laps
  • Diamond Pacific Cerium Oxide Polishing Discs Instructions download (Cerium laps share the same use instructions as Nova laps and wheels.)
  • Cerium Oxide laps MUST be used with water. Every time!
  • A brand new cerium disc may create a small amount of paste-like residue but your lap will run clean once the application layer of polish from manufacturing is worked into the belt.