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We are a couple from the Midwest who stumbled into rocks and lapidary several years ago while geocaching with our first dogs in tow, Suey (she oinked) and Nova. Led to an unassuming shop at the intersection of two rural state highways outside a small town, we were hooked and fell headfirst into tumbling, cabbing, slabbing, and sphere-making on homemade machines which consumed our free time and gradually coated everything around us in a fine layer of silica. 

Through a rusty parade of muck-filled saws with seized nuts and bearings, old spliced-together tattered power cords, and hours spent chasing scratches on that wobbly expando drum, we've enjoyed some equipment along the way. We've also fled from a fair number of restoration projects we couldn't conquer... bleeding, dirty, and defeated.

Here's the best we've encountered, rust-free and uncomplicated.

We try to offer products made in the United States wherever possible.

Please get in touch below about items not listed on the site. We can provide all products from Diamond Pacific, many items by Lapcraft, Foredom, and others, but may not have thought to add the item you're looking for. If we can order it but haven't loaded it into our store, let us know and we will work to get it added to the site for you.

Chad Leap & Amanda Campbell
SUVA Lapidary, LLC
PO Box 6819, Kokomo IN 46904
Phone (unmonitored): 760-933-7882‬