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Who is behind SUVA?

We are a couple from the Midwest who stumbled into rocks and lapidary while geocaching with our first dogs (and SUVA's namesake) in tow, Suey (she oinked) and Nova.
During a long day geocaching we were lured to an unassuming shop named Spencer Lapidary (famous in the area for spheres!) at the intersection of two rural state highways outside a small town. We walked in and were immediately hooked and fell headfirst into tumbling, cabbing, slabbing, and sphere-making. Gems shows and old and homemade machines consumed our free time and gradually coated everything around us in a fine layer of silica.

We've both enjoyed and hated some equipment along the way through a rusty parade of muck-filled saws with seized nuts and bearings, old spliced-together tattered power cords, and hours spent chasing scratches on that wobbly expando drum. We've fled from a fair number of restoration projects we couldn't conquer... bleeding, dirty, and defeated. Here's the best we've encountered, rust-free and uncomplicated.

Chad & Amanda
SUVA Lapidary, LLC
PO Box 6819, Kokomo IN 46904

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