Sintered Diamond Carving Burs

Sintered diamond burs provide reliable and precise cutting action and are exceptionally durable with a long life, these burs from SUVA and Inland are the highest quality available in the industry. Diamond sintered burs are used in your Foredom or Dremel rotary tool for shaping and carving lapidary minerals and gemstones, glass, opals, porcelain, metals, or other hard materials.

These sintered carving points are constructed with a shaped diamond head made from a thick uniform matrix of graded abrasive embedded in a strong durable binder, the tip is fully sintered to the mandrel and will slowly and consistently wear away fresh layers of diamond without losing performance. Sintered carving burs easily outlast standard plated lapidary burs by 5-10 times and cut up to 100 times longer than silicon carbide or aluminum oxide mounted abrasive points that are only coated or electroplated onto the burr. Available in different shapes and sizes, professional gem carvers who want the best possible cutting results will find the consistent performance and long life of these sintered diamond carving burs makes them a perfect long-term investment at the carving bench.