We are proud to connect our customers with stand-out artists providing finished gemstones of exceptional quality to feature in your custom jewelry projects or build up your gem collection. After being consistently blown away by his crisp edges, mirror polish, and keen eye for pulling the highlights out of both new and legendary old-stock materials for his top-shelf cabochons, SUVA is excited about our collab with Sean Eckel to produce how-to lessons to jump-start or fine-tune your cabbing technique. Creating the best cabochons requires an attention to composition and color and a love and sense of awe for the nature we see around us. These stones have existed for millennia before us and will remain long after we have departed, and he considers it an honor to transform these rocks into something others can use to make their jewelry pieces truly breathtaking. Sean lives in Utah and captures his view of the world for us through his work as a full-time lapidary artist, part-time painter, musician, and photographer. Sean's full portfolio can be viewed on Instagram and at his Fine Art Rocks website.

Below is a digital showcase of his available gem cabochons.