Shop for the right lapidary polish to give your gemstone projects and materials the ultimate mirror shine.

Use these lapidary polishes when carving, cabbing, in rock tumblers, flat-laps, faceting, sphere machines, or wherever polish compounds are needed.

How to choose a lapidary polish

While many polishes can handle most lapidary materials without difficulty, each one has particular strengths that may make it stand out as the best choice for your current project.

  • Aluminum Oxide can function as a pre-polish or polish depending on the preparation level of your stones and their hardness. As an economical polish compound it can be used in a tumbler or on a polishing pad to produce an acceptable finish on most common lapidary materials.
  • DP Polish was previously marketed as "Lusterite" and is an excellent polish for tumbling or cabbing. Use on general materials as you would a higher-priced cerium or tin oxide compound.
  • Cerium Oxide is a high-quality polish providing excellent results on glass, obsidian, opals, moonstone, sunstone, and labradorite. This high-grade polish is also excellent for agate, jasper, quartz, petrified wood, and coral.
  • Tin Oxide is a top shelf polish suitable to all varieties of quartz, jasper and agate along with excellent results on difficult soft materials like calcite, rhodochrosite, and malachite.
  • Micro-Alumina polish is a super high-grade polish for targeted polishing on laps, buffs, or polishing pads and can provide fantastic mirror shines on most any material used in lapidary. Use on most materials as you would tin or cerium for a stunning result.
  • Diamond products can be purchased in various forms including paste compound, high-concentration compound, and loose powder. These are suitable for application to a buff or pad as well as use on faceting or lapping discs. Not typically used for tumbling.