Lapidary Tutorials at SUVA Lapidary Supply

Want to learn how to polish gemstones with the art of lapidary and jewellery-making?

Lapidary is often referred to as rock cutting, rock carving or rock smithing. Jewelry makers, architects, interior designers, sculptors, woodworkers and metal workers use lapidary techniques. Perhaps you want to polish rocks in a tumbler or give something handmade to someone special. With a bit of practice, anyone can learn to make beautiful pieces, such as a sculpture, a pendant, a necklace, or a ring. SUVA's library of lapidary learning materials will continually grow to include guides, tips, and tricks to expand your knowledge of the exciting art of gemstone cutting! Learn from step-by-step tutorials from master lapidaries as they teach you the methods and tips they've discovered along the way in their years of experience as professional gemcutters covering the most popular lapidary techniques to cut gems, stones, and glass into beautiful and detailed pieces of art. With these easy-to-follow tutorials teaching lapidary fundamentals for beginners along with tips from professional lapidary artists, you too can find instructions and lessons to learn how to begin making your own gemstone projects. Each tutorial will provide instruction, demonstration, and lists of tools and materials you'll need to get started in your chosen specialty. Discover the best lapidary equipment for beginners as well as more advanced ways to use your lapidary machines once you have mastered the basics.

Lapidary 101 Series: Learn the Art!

Lapidary 101 Cabbing Tutorial from SUVA Lapidary Supply