Photo of Diamond Pacific Resin Bond Diamond Nova Discs at SUVA Lapidary
Photo of Diamond Pacific Resin Bond Diamond Nova Discs at SUVA Lapidary
Photo of Diamond Pacific Resin Bond Diamond Nova Discs at SUVA Lapidary
Photo of Diamond Pacific Resin Bond Diamond Nova Discs at SUVA Lapidary
Diamond Pacific

Resin Bond Diamond Nova Discs

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Upgrade your lapidary cabbing machine with spin-on Diamond Pacific Nova resin-bond diamond lap discs to quickly finish your cabochon backs, nodules, geode faces, and similar flats as well as for sanding and polishing cabochons. By building a soft padded lap with Nova resin-bond diamond, lapidary artists can sand and polish quickly and without the mess of compounds or pastes conveniently on the end of their cabbing machine.


Nova diamond laps by Diamond Pacific have a soft foam rubber backing and are slightly convex domed so that under pressure of your stone they provide an even polishing surface in the middle area often missed with other laps. The rubber is coated with a thick layer of Diamond Pacific's special Nova resin-bond diamond formula for fast action and long lap life. Diamond Pacific provides a highly concentrated layer of diamond in the resin Nova layer to give a lasting and fast-cutting lap for professional jewelers and cabbers creating calibrated or freeform cabochons or intarsia where time and predictable materials removal is critical. A standard 1/4 inch-20 thread bolt is molded into the back-up plate to fit Diamond Pacific's Gem-Makers and most other machines accepting that size bolt like the Genie, Pixie, Titan, or CabKing.

Selection and Compatibility

Quickly mount and swap between different grits Diamond Pacific Nova resin-bond laps on your lapidary cabbing machine to work out the scratches left by grinding with magnetic plated diamond discs or spin-on plated laps. Using a proven general purpose grit sequence common to Diamond Pacific’s machines for sanding most lapidary materials with 280-600-1200-3000 grit Nova diamond laps followed by your preferred lapidary polish on a canvas polishing pad will put an excellent polish on most stones, while some stubborn stones may require more sanding steps such as additional grit Nova laps or lapidary polish compounds like diamond paste, tin oxide polish powder, or cerium oxide polish. Also consider for flats Diamond Pacific's unpadded Diamond Pacific Magnetic Nova Laps which do not have a convex surface to quickly sand and polish flats with the convenience and cost effectiveness of a magnetic swap.

Available Nova Lap Diameters for Cabbing Machines

Available Diamond Pacific Nova Disc Grits and Colors

  • 280 grit diamond - Black
  • 600 grit diamond - Brown
  • 1200 grit diamond - Grey
  • 3000 grit diamond - Rose
  • 8000 grit diamond - Tan
  • 14000 grit diamond - Cream
  • 50000 grit diamond - Light Blue

Instructions, Manuals, and Usage Tips

  • Diamond Pacific Nova laps MUST be used with water.
  • Diamond Pacific Nova Resin Bond Disc Instructions download - all Diamond Pacific Nova products share the same use instructions insert.
  • It is recommended to use Diamond Pacific Nova Laps in sets rather than in combination with other brands or styles of lapidary sanding laps to allow for predictable sanding progress between grits.

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