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Canvas Polishing Pads for Lapidary Cabbers
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Canvas Polishing Pads for Lapidary Cabbers

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Canvas polishing pads have a rigid spin-on plastic back plate with 1/4"-20 thread bolt. A 1/4" inch thick foam rubber backing ensures the pad conforms to the shape of your stones. Canvas pads may be used with diamond compound or other lapidary polishes such as tin oxide or cerium oxide. When using diamond compound, use a silicone lubricant such as Lapcraft Microsol Silicone Extender Fluid. Watch the video below to learn how to charge the canvas pad with diamond compound, or upgrade to a no-mess spin-on screwback Cerium Oxide Nova lap.


  • The 6-inch CabKing brand canvas spin-on screw-backed polishing pad will fit the Diamond Pacific Genie, Xpert, Titan, Titan, and other machines designed for 6" or larger attachments.
  • The 4-inch Diamond Pacific brand canvas pad can fit the Diamond Pacific Pixie, BigFoot, and larger machines.

How to charge your canvas pad with diamond compound