Photo of Assorted Inland Craft Diamond Compound Paste

Diamond Compound Paste

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Please note at this time only 5gm syringes of oil-based compound are available. The remaining stock of Diamond Pacific brand Compound Syringes (water-based) is also available, look for 5gm pastes in 260, 325, 600 - these will show as out of stock when gone and will not return!

Inland Craft's diamond compound paste is packed with a strong concentration of diamonds suspended in an oil-based carrier. It puts a flawless finish on gemstones, metals and other mineral-based material. Packaged and available in 2-gram, 5-gram and 10-gram disposable syringes for use on pads, discs, or buffs. Color coded for easy identification when using. Packaged in convenient, disposable, plastic syringes.

Use with a silicone extender lubricant.

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