Photo of Inland Diamond Compound Paste for Lapidary at SUVA Lapidary
Inland Craft

Diamond Compound Paste for Lapidary

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Inland Craft's standard diamond compound paste is packed with a strong concentration of diamonds suspended in an oil-based carrier. It puts a flawless finish on gemstones, metals and other mineral-based material.


Packaged and available in disposable syringes for use on polishing pad, discs, buffs, phenolic burs, or SUVA's exclusive hardwood polishing burs. Compounds are color coded for easy identification when using. Use with silicone diamond compound extender fluid. Other lapidary polishes are also available including high-concentration Super Polish compounds from Mountain Mist and Diamond Pacific.

Available Diamond Compound Grits

  • 220 grit diamond paste
  • 325 grit diamond paste
  • 600 grit diamond paste
  • 1200 grit diamond paste
  • 3000 grit diamond paste
  • 8000 grit diamond paste
  • 14000 grit diamond paste
  • 50000 grit diamond paste
  • 100000 grit diamond paste

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