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MK Diamond

MK-303 Lapidary Diamond Saw Blades

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📦 Usually ships within 4-16 business hours from SUVA!

  • 4"-14" diameter MK303 saw blades ship from SUVA typically within 24 business hours
  • 16"+ size blades are special order and may take 4-6 weeks to ship.

    The MK-303/BD-303 diamond blade is the premium standard for cutting gemstone and rare valuable lapidary materials such as agate, quartz, petrified wood, jasper, and jade in your lapidary saw when waste needs to be held to a minimum and speed of cut is essential. The 303 saw blade produces smoother cuts, lasts longer, and cuts faster than notched rim or plated diamond blades.

    Selection and Compatibility

    Blades can be used with a water-soluble coolant or rust inhibitor, the manufacturer recommends using petroleum, synthetic, or mineral oil based coolants for best blade performance and life or in high volume cutting. Plain water is not suitable to use with these blades and they should not be used dry under any circumstances. Recommended oils for these saws include Diamond Pacific Roc-Oil premium lapidary saw coolant. NEVER use automotive antifreeze, ATF fluid, CNC machining fluids, or diesel-kerosene heating oil - it’s not worth dissolving your lungs with inferior coolants! Never run a diamond blade dry as this will immediately damage your blade.

    Arbor holes can be bushed to smaller sizes: 5/8" arbors can be bushed to 1/2", and 1" arbors can be bushed to 3/4" or 5/8".

    Available Diamond Blade Diameters

    Please note that you may receive either a BD303 or MK303 version of this blade when ordering based on current supplier stock, MK and BD diamond blades are the same blades, from the same manufacturer, with the same part numbers but a different label.

    • 303 diamond blades in sizes ranging from 4” through 14” have a continuous diamond rim.
    • Larger diameter 303 blades measuring 16" and up feature segmented rims.

    Instructions, Manuals, and Usage Tips

    • Coolant should be kept clean and below 100F to prolong your blade life.
    • Sludge should be removed periodically and replaced with fresh coolant so that your cuts will be clean and your blades will not be damaged. MK-303 diamond blades should be dried and treated with an anti-rust lubricant for storage purposes.
    • 303 Diamond Blade Troubleshooting Information is available from MK for help help diagnosing causes of common problems you might encounter such as out-of-round blade wear, cutting performance, optimizing diamond segment wear, and making sure you are using and installing your premium diamond blades correctly.
    • MK-BD-303 Diamond Blade Safety Sheet download
    • Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including nickel and crystalline silica, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to

    Acceptable Arbor Shaft RPM Range for BD-MK 303 blades, Surface Feet Per Minute

    Blade Diameter
    BD/MK-303 Surface Ft/Min
    4" 102mm
    5" 127mm  3440-4580
    6" 152mm 2870-3820 
    7" 178mm 2460-3270
    8" 203mm 2150-2870
    9" 229mm 1910-2550
    10" 254mm 1720-2290
    12" 305mm  1430-1910
    14" 356mm 1230-1640
    16" 406mm 1070-1430
    18" 457mm 960-1270
    20" 508mm 860-1150
    24" 610mm 720-960
    30" 762mm 570-760
    36" 914mm 480-640


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