Mini-Sonic Vibratory Tumblers
Mini-Sonic Vibratory Tumblers
Mini-Sonic Vibratory Tumblers
Diamond Pacific

Mini-Sonic Vibratory Tumblers

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Availability update: MT tumblers are periodically on backorder due to a repeated imported part delay, Diamond Pacific continues to ship tumblers regularly in the order received as batches of production are completed. Please feel free to place orders for a spot in the next batch, and you will receive tracking info when shipped - no specific ETA is available from Diamond Pacific, shipment can take up to 4-6 weeks depending on production cycles.

The Mini-Sonic Tumbler series by is the best all-around tumbler on the market when it comes to performance, easy operation, and long-lasting service of your equipment investment.
You can tumble polish almost any kind of stone, from opal to topaz, delicate carvings and preforms, as well as metal items such as coins, jewelry findings, shell casings, etc.

Its unique tumbling operation is the key to the high performance of the Mini-Sonic tumblers. The vibratory motion is achieved without any moving parts. It improves the polishing process and uses only a small amount of abrasives compared to ordinary tumblers.

Load capacity for the MT-4 base is approximately 4 lbs including stone, fillers and abrasives and increase with larger bases and hoppers. You control the rotation and intensity of the tumbler operation with reliable solid-state electronic controls.

Hoppers are made of cast plastisol and give exceptionally long wear. With no motor, belts, or pulleys to worry about, you have a tumbler built for years of worry-free service.

These tumblers are made by Diamond Pacific in California.

How the tumblers work:

The MT-4 Mini-Sonic Tumbler operates without shafts, belts, pulleys, eccentric weight or even a motor—no moving parts, so the MT-4 will far outlast other types of tumblers. It operates on a unique principle employing interrupted electrical cur- rent that provides vibration as the driving force powering the rotation of the load. Operating frequency is 3600 vibrations per minute on 60Hz models and 3000 vibrations per minute in 50Hz Export models.

Rotation and intensity is adjustable with solid-state electronic controls. During rotation, the tumbling load is alternately separated and compacted during each vibratory cycle. This improves the tumbling process and allows fresh abrasive to be drawn in between materials in the tumbler hopper. Only the contents inside the hopper actually rotate while the hopper itself remains practically motionless except for the driving arc of motion.

Only a small amount of abrasives are required in the Mini-Sonic tumbling process compared to ordinary rotary tumblers. As the abrasive begins to pulverize or break down and combines with rock dust and water, a slurry or coating mixture is formed, and it is this coating which should be maintained throughout all the tumbling processes. Too much water or too much abrasives will cause materials to collect in the bottom of the hopper and not rotate properly. It is only necessary to maintain a thin coating of abrasive slurry between the materials in the load to keep the polishing process working properly. If you use Diamond Pacific's Vibra-Dry+ polish compounds, no water is required and you will not have the above-described slurry during the polish.

How to select your tumbler:

You do not necessarily have to limit the number of hoppers you select to the options shown. Having extra hoppers, especially for the polishing stage, is recommended to prevent contamination between grits.

There are three tumbler base sizes with a variety of hoppers. First add a base to your order, either the MT-4, MT-10, or MT-14 that will best suit your needs:

  • MT-4 including a single Hopper-4
  • MT-10 base can accept:
    • a single Hopper-10 or;
    • dual Hopper-4
  • MT-14 base can accept:
    • a single Hopper-14 or;
    • a single Hopper-10 and single Hopper-4 or;
    • triple Hopper-4

Please note the MT-10 and MT-14 items are the tumbler bases only. After adding a base to your order, visit the selection of hoppers to complete your tumbler.

* Photos include both base and hopper shown, which are combined separately in your order to allow for customization.

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