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Steel Master Laps for Magnetic Discs

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Lapcraft spin-on steel master laps upgrade your lapidary cabbing or lapping machine to utilize magnetic mount lap systems offering a more convenient workflow and lower ongoing cost than the spin-on “No-Hole” diamond laps.


These back plates by offer a full surface area without a center hole. The face of the entire plate is made of steel for use with Lapcraft Magnetic Diamond Laps and Diamond Pacific Magnetic Nova Laps, or other magnetic lapping discs in lapidary work.



Install this steel master lap to the end of your cabbing machine shaft, and mount various magnetic laps to the end of your machine to quickly finish flats, intarsia, or shaping your preforms and custom body jewelry.

It is recommended to dismount and dry any magnetic laps from this master lap after use on water-cooled lapidary arbors to prevent rust forming on the master steel surface.


Magnetic-mount disc systems are available in 3 common lapidary-use sizes.

Available Diameters: 
    • 4" diameter no-hole steel master lap
    • 6" diameter no-hole steel master lap
    • 8" diameter no-hole steel master lap


1/4"-20 male thread bolt spin-on steel master laps are compatible with magnetic-compatible master laps on the Diamond Pacific Pixie, Diamond Pacific Genie, CabKing-6", Diamond Pacific Titan, Cabking-8", or other machines accepting this diameter accessory.

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