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8-inch Cabbing Machine

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🚚 Ships with an average 2-10 day lead-time from CabKing for ANY dealer.
🚚 Ships with an average 2-10 day lead-time from CabKing for ANY dealer.

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Full manufacturer warranties apply for every machine and our always-competitive prices. We also understand the varying lead-times for a machine to ship from the manufacturer can feel like a kid during the weeks before a birthday. So every cabbing machine purchase from SUVA scores you a "starter pack" of your choice of 2 professional cabochon templates to start planning your first cabs while you wait for your machine to arrive! Add your choice of 2 single cabochon templates to your cart with this machine to apply the discount.

*US addresses only, the cost of starter pack items will be deducted from refunds if an open machine order is requested to be canceled prior to shipping.

The CabKing-8V1 cabbing machine is an 8" diameter diamond wheel unit that grinds and polishes rock, synthetic rock, glass and metal. Because of its rugged, professional-grade build, this cabbing unit is perfect for professionals, studios, clubs and serious hobbyists. Features simplified drainage set-up, 115V 3/4 hp direct drive AC motor, and a clean, adjustable water system.

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