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CabKing 8-inch Cabbing Machine

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We also understand the varying lead-times for a machine to ship from the manufacturer can feel like a kid during the weeks before a birthday. So every cabbing machine purchase from SUVA scores you a "starter pack" of your choice of 2 professional cabochon templates to start planning your first cabs while you wait for your machine to arrive! Add your choice of 2 Donald K Olson cabochon templates to your cart with this machine to apply the discount.

*note Promo applies to US addresses and are a "thank you" for your understanding that completed machine orders can sometimes take longer to arrive and the cost of the starter pack items will be deducted from refunds if an open machine order is requested to be canceled.

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The CabKing-8V1 cabbing machine is an 8" diameter diamond wheel unit that grinds and polishes rock, synthetic rock, glass and metal. Because of its rugged, professional-grade build, this cabbing unit is perfect for professionals, studios, clubs and serious hobbyists. Features simplified drainage set-up, 115V 3/4 hp direct drive AC motor, and a clean, adjustable water system.

Included with the CabKing-8V1

• Two 8" electroplated diamond grinding wheels: 80# and 220#
• Eight 8" diamond resin wheels (two wheels of each grit): 280#, 600#, 1200# and 3000#

• One 8", 360# electroplated diamond lap for use on the left shaft
• One 6" canvas polishing pad for use on the right shaft with 14,000 mesh diamond paste • Separate, 30-watt water pump

• Stone trays, hand rests and splash guards • Accessory kit: safety goggles, apron, extra wheel spacers and informational book
• One-year warranty

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 220V CE-rated models available- contact us for details!