Tin Oxide Polish Powder for Lapidary
Photo of Diamond Pacific Tin Oxide Polish Powder 4 oz 402-90-04

Tin Oxide Polish Powder for Lapidary

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Use this polishing compound on your polishing pads or buffs. To use this polish, make a nice slurry by mixing the polish with either water, mineral oil (like Roc-Oil) or a 50-50 oil and dishwashing detergent mixture.

Tin Oxide Polishing Compound puts an excellent polish on almost all gemstones, including the hard-to-polish ones. Packaged in durable, reusable plastic containers for storage and safe shipment. It's expensive, but let's face it... there's really nothing better.

Packaged in a convenient square French shaker jar containing ~3oz tin oxide polish for controlled application to buffs, canvas pads, or recharging slurries.

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