Shop the most popular lapidary cabbing machines to create cabochons professionally or at home.

Shop a variety of cabochon makers for sale to stay within your budget, fit your workshop space, and keep up with your needed cabbing production level. Just getting started? Check out SUVA's Cabbing Guide to learn how to make a cabochon and see the tools you will need.

How to choose a cabbing machine

  • Diamond Pacific's Gem-Makers are commercial quality machines, built with ultra-durable components to last a lifetime (or three!) with minimal maintenance. Choose the industry-topping powerhouse Titan to crank out cabs at a commercial pace, a Genie to make cabochons at home or in your workshop, or the compact and portable Pixie to take on the road with you in an RV or fit comfortably in your apartment.
  • CabKing cabbing machines are easy to use and are a great choice for beginners who want a full-range diamond wheel machine with multiple grits ready at hand. CabKing is available in both 6-inch or 8-inch sizes, there are a multitude of attachments and accessories to allow you to get started right away and still stay comfortably within a budget to have some funds left for slabs and accessories.
  • Hi-Tech Diamond's Slant Cabber and All-U-Need use lapping discs and only take up about half the space of a full six-wheel lapidary grinder if you need to cab with something for even smaller spaces.

⚙️ Replacement parts are also available if your cabber needs a little TLC.