Photo of CabKing Standard Diamond Grinding Wheels at SUVA Lapidary
Photo of CabKing Standard Diamond Grinding Wheels 6 inch 60 grit Plastic Hub at SUVA Lapidary GWP6-060
Photo of CabKing Standard Diamond Grinding Wheels 8 inch 60 grit Plastic Hub at SUVA Lapidary GWP8-060

Standard Diamond Grinding Wheels

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CabKing's diamond grinding wheels are used for rough grinding and pre-forming stone and glass material. They are manufactured using commercial grade diamonds to provide you longer grinding life and faster cutting. These wheels offer an economical alternative to Diamond Pacific Galaxy or ultra long-life Inland Sintered grinding wheels and come in 4, 6, and 8 inch diameters with a range of different grits to choose from.

Follow up with your choice of Diamond Pacific's top-shelf Nova Wheels, CabKing's mid-range REZ wheels, or economical standard resin wheels for a complete lapidary rough-to-gem workflow.


CabKing diamond grinding wheels are manufactured using the highest quality diamonds to provide you a longer grinding life and clean, faster cutting. They are nickel electroplated using commercial grade diamonds uniformly throughout the entire width of the wheel, making them more durable and aggressive than silicon carbide wheels while giving you excellent quality and results. All wheels are made with a plastic center core which puts less stress on machine bearings when compared to wheels with steel hubs because they are lighter. Wheels can also be ordered with a steel core which is heavier but offer more torque capability. You can extend the life of your diamond wheels with the optional use of 412 Slick Lube diamond tool lubricant.

Selection and Compatibility

CabKing's standard grinding wheels have a 1" arbor hole and include needed wheel bushings to accommodate 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4" arbors. These grinding wheels can be installed on the Diamond Pacific Pixie Gem-Maker (4"), Diamond Pacific Genie G2 Gem Maker (6"), Diamond Pacific Titan Gem Maker, (8") and CabKing 6 inch or CabKing 8 inch depending on your machine.

Available Diamond Grinding Wheel Sizes

Spacing between wheels may need adusted depending on your machine if you are upgrading from another brand wheel, to ensure your water supply continues to route correctly to the wheel as intended.Precut shaft spacers are available when needed.

Available Grinding Wheel Grits

  • 60 grit Diamond Grinding Wheel
  • 80 grit Diamond Grinding Wheel
  • 100 grit Diamond Grinding Wheel
  • 180 grit Diamond Grinding Wheel
  • 220 grit Diamond Grinding Wheel
  • 360 grit Diamond Grinding Wheel

Instructions, Manuals, and Usage Tips

  • This product is subject to a California Prop-65 notice.