Shop the most durable lapidary grinding, sanding, and polishing wheels to quickly create stunning cabochons.

Add additional grits or replace your worn wheels with the best, longest lasting spare and replacement lapidary wheels for your lapidary cabber from multiple manufacturers in several diameters to fit your cabbing machine. There are several options to fit your budget and the level of durability you require with most shipping within 4-16 business hours!

Just getting started? Check out SUVA's Cabbing Guide to learn how to make a cabochon and see the tools you will need.

How to choose Plated Grinding Wheels

  • Inland Sintered Wheels are available as an ultimate durability upgrade for your plated wheels. Heavy and ultra-durable, they will cut thousands of cabs before wearing out.
  • Diamond Pacific Galaxy Wheels are the industry standard and replace original plated wheels on your Diamond Pacific gem makers, usually shipping from SUVA within 4-16 hours. Hex surface Galaxies can be special ordered for rapid material removal.
  • CabKing Standard Grinding Wheels are an excellent value and can replace the original wheels on your CabKing cabbing machine, often shipping from SUVA.

How to choose Soft Sanding and Polishing Wheels

  • Diamond Pacific Nova Resin-Bond wheels come standard on Diamond Pacific's Gem-Makers, providing the ultimate durability in rubber diamond wheels for professional and serious hobby cabbers. All cabbing machines including CabKing, Highland Park cabbers, Kingsley North machines, Barranca-Diamond, and many other arbors with 1" or smaller shafts can be upgraded to Diamond Pacific's Galaxy and Nova wheel sequence! It is not recommended to mix wheel brands to minimize unpredictable scratches due to the differences in diamond concentrations across manufacturers.
  • CabKing REZ Wheels can mix with their standard wheels and offer increased lifespan, durability, and cutting speed of your soft wheels on your CabKing cabber.
  • CabKing Standard Resin-Bond Wheels replace the original wheels on your CabKing machine and are an excellent value for cabbers on a budget.

Add a Cerium Polishing wheel after your resin-bond wheels to speed up your cab finishing with a mess-less polish option! Mount along with extra grit wheels to a quick-change shaft for your cabbing machine.