Save time, space, and money in your cabbing setup with a magnetic lap system.

Upgrade your cabbing machine with a lapping system which allows for rapid changing between diamond grinding and sanding discs mounted magnetically to lap bases.Magnetic lap system installed on Diamond Pacific Genie G2 at SUVA Lapidary Supply

Magnetic laps are the ultimate quick-change system available to utilize a wide range of lap grits and styles from hard plated to resin-bond diamond. Magnetic lap systems utilize a steel-faced master lap upon which different types of magnetic-backed laps can be adhered. You can quickly change between grits with this system and leave the base plate installed on the end of your cabbing machine. It is recommended to remove and store magnetic laps to dry after use and to spin-dry the steel plate to prevent rust forming on the mating surfaces. These laps are also lower-cost to replace since you only need the lap which isn't permanently mated to a backing.

Install 4", 6", or 8" systems on the right-hand side of your cabbing machine such as a Genie, CabKing, Pixie or Titan. You can also convert compatible dedicated flat lap machines to a magnetic system using large magnetic Nova laps with diameters from 18-inch through 24-inch.