Photo of Diamond Pacific X-Machine Lapidary Arbors 8” X-88* at SUVA Lapidary 500-X88-100
Diamond Pacific

X-Machine Lapidary Arbors

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📦 This item was discontinued by the manufacturer.

Why order your cabbing machine from SUVA?

Full manufacturer warranties apply for every machine and our always-competitive prices. We also understand the varying lead-times for a machine to ship from the manufacturer can feel like a kid during the weeks before a birthday. So every cabbing machine purchase from SUVA scores you a "starter pack" of your choice of 2 professional cabochon templates to start planning your first cabs while you wait for your machine to arrive! Add your choice of 2 single cabochon templates to your cart with this machine to apply the discount.

*US addresses only, the cost of starter pack items will be deducted from refunds if an open machine order is requested to be canceled prior to shipping.

You’ll cut with better speed, partly due to the extra convenience of having eight wide-spaced wheels all in a row and ready to go, and Diamond Pacific’s new “Fast-Track” grit sequence You get faster grinding with the new coarser 60 & 120 grit Galaxy wheels. Next comes the quick and easy scratch removal with the new 100 grit Nova wheel followed by the tried and true 280-600-1200-3000 grit Nova Resin-Bond Diamond Sanding & Polishing Wheel sequence. Finally, polish your gemstone with the new Super Cerium Nova Wheel. The X-Machines are really just two versions of the same machine. When supplied with the 6-inch wheels, it’s an “Xpert”. When outfitted with 8-inch wheels, it’s an “X-88”. You can change the wheel sizes up or down at any time. The machine has a powder-coated finish on a solid welded aluminum frame. The 1" stainless steel shaft is mounted in 1" bearings - the shaft is not turned down to accept smaller bearings at the ends. Other features are the spra-mist coolant system made famous by the Diamond Pacific Genie. Each machine comes with a hood that is easily removed for ease of cleaning, an LED light bar, and a handy tray for placing stones. The 6” “Xpert” ships complete from the manufacturer with a ⅓ HP motor with built in overload protection. Standard motor is 115 volt/60 HZ, the export version has a 230 volt/50 HZ motor. One inch diameter stainless steel arbor shaft with two 6" x 1½" Galaxy diamond grinding wheels (60 and 120 grit), six 6" x 1½" Nova wheels (100, 280, 600, 1200 and 3000 grits), a cerium Nova wheel, Spra-Mist coolant system, cab rest, 3 water trays, safety goggles. The 8” “X-88” replaces the 6” wheels with 8” versions.

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