Photo of Diamond Pacific X-Machine Lapidary Arbors 8 inch X-88 at SUVA Lapidary 500-X88-100
Diamond Pacific

X-Machine Lapidary Arbors (Discontinued)

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📦 This item was discontinued by the manufacturer

You'll cut with better speed, partly due to the extra convenience of having eight wide-spaced wheels all in a row and ready to go, and Diamond Pacific's new "Fast-Track" grit sequence You get faster grinding with the new coarser 60 & 120 grit Galaxy wheels. Next comes the quick and easy scratch removal with the new 100 grit Nova wheel followed by the tried and true 280-600-1200-3000 grit Nova Resin-Bond Diamond Sanding & Polishing Wheel sequence. Finally, polish your gemstone with the new Super Cerium Nova Wheel. The X-Machines are really just two versions of the same machine. When supplied with the 6-inch wheels, it's an "Xpert". When outfitted with 8-inch wheels, it's an "X-88". You can change the wheel sizes up or down at any time. The machine has a powder-coated finish on a solid welded aluminum frame. The 1" stainless steel shaft is mounted in 1" bearings - the shaft is not turned down to accept smaller bearings at the ends. Other features are the spra-mist coolant system made famous by the Diamond Pacific Genie. Each machine comes with a hood that is easily removed for ease of cleaning, an LED light bar, and a handy tray for placing stones. The 6" "Xpert" ships complete from the manufacturer with a 1/3 HP motor with built in overload protection. Standard motor is 115 volt/60 HZ, the export version has a 230 volt/50 HZ motor. One inch diameter stainless steel arbor shaft with two 6" x 1-1/2" Galaxy diamond grinding wheels (60 and 120 grit), six 6" x 1-1/2" Nova wheels (100, 280, 600, 1200 and 3000 grits), a cerium Nova wheel, Spra-Mist coolant system, cab rest, 3 water trays, safety goggles. The 8" "X-88" replaces the 6" wheels with 8" versions.