Spin-On Full Face Diamond Lap on Genie G2 at SUVA Lapidary Supply
6-inch Full-Face Spin-On Diamond Laps
6-inch Full-Face Spin-On Diamond Laps
6-inch Full-Face Spin-On Diamond Laps

6-inch Full-Face Spin-On Diamond Laps

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CabKing full face diamond laps are used for both rough and fine grinding on stones and glass. They are also useful for putting flats on larger cabs. These electroplated, no-hole, full face diamond laps are available in a large variety of different grits to choose from.

CabKing full face diamond laps are manufactured using the highest quality diamonds to provide you a longer grinding life and clean, faster cutting. Since these full face laps do not arbor holes in the middle of them like most laps do, this allows you more surface area to grind larger pieces. They are nickel electroplated using commercial grade diamonds uniformly onto a 1mm thick steel plate. That steel plate is then bonded to a 1/4" thick aluminum base with a 1/4"-20 thread on the backside for screwing into the end of any lapidary arbor with the same internal thread, including the Diamond Pacific Pixie, Genie, or Titan.

SUVA is expanding stock of these discs, currently in-stock discs can be purchased immediately for shipping within business 24 hours. Other grits can be special ordered sooner if you contact us.

Available Diameters include 6"

  • 80 grit - EXTRA COARSE: For fastest grinding and shaping.
  • 100 grit - EXTRA COARSE: For fast grinding and shaping.
  • 180 grit - COARSE: Fast preforming and light cab roughing.
  • 260 grit - MEDIUM: General preforming and opal cab roughing.
  • 360, 600 grit - FINE: Light preforming and cab finish grinding.
  • 1200 grit - EXTRA FINE: General prepolishing finish.
  • 3000 grit - SUPER FINE: for a super smooth prepolish.

Alternately, 4-inch and 8-inch discs are available in Lapcraft brand here.

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