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Hardwood Polishing Burs

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Finish your gemstones with hand-turned hardwood carving burs made from a specific species of United States hardwood selected through extensive testing to be durable and ideal for impregnation with diamond compound for gemstone carving.

Follow after initial grinding and shaping with sintered carving burs and sanding with Diamond Pacific Nova Points. Charge these wooden burs with your favorite diamond compound, which can include Mt. Mist Super Polish or standard diamond paste. Wooden head resists excessive heat buildup and offer a very long lifespan. They are ideal for carving opal, jade, agate, and jasper finishing. Burs capture and retain diamond compound with occasional re-charging with fresh compound. Use one bur per diamond grit.

Constructed of a wooden head permanently glued to a threaded-head reinforced stainless shank, these wooden carving burs are sized specifically to complement small bullet point Nova points. Each tapered-head wood bur measures approximately 6-8mm at widest point. They are mounted to a 3/32-inch (2.35mm) shank compatible with standard Dremel and Foredom rotary tools. Use at 1500-2500rpm.

Handmade in Indiana exclusively for SUVA Lapidary Supply.