Shop several lines of diamond saw blades for your lapidary saw.

Buy high-quality lapidary blades from SUVA with many shipping within 4-16 business hours of ordering! SUVA stocks and recommends blades made by MK Diamond and Barranca-Diamond for general use, and Lapcraft's Dia-Laser blades for delicate trimming such as facet rough and high-value slabs in smaller trim saws. It is important to have the right diamond blade to safely cut your rocks with minimal waste of valuable materials for further shaping on other machines. Select your diamond blade based on your cutting needs with the right type, size, and thickness blade based on your project and the value of your stone to cut. Blade bushings are available to adapt a chosen blade to your lapidary saw.

How to choose a lapidary saw blade

Use thicker blades to get more cuts or work with hard materials, while thinner blades may not last as long but can significantly cut down on material waste when cutting high-value gemstones. Electroplated lapidary blades are constructed with a thin layer of diamond fused to the metal blade core and can achieve very thin blades to maximize saving material, while sintered diamond saw blades are made with thick layers of diamond impregnated within the metals of the saw core, which last much longer and cut more predictably as sharp diamond layers are continuously exposed during use.

Further, blades may be continuous-rim or notched in construction. Smaller and thinner blades are typically continuous rim with a smooth solid blade edge which can result in a smoother cut, along with the possibility for smaller and thinner blades as they are less likely to bend or fail. Notched blades are typically larger and thicker, and the notched edges allow for coolant and debris to be flushed away while cutting, making them ideal for commercial slabbing operations in larger saws or with harder material such as agates or unfractured geodes and petrified woods.

  • Lapcraft Dia-Laser continuous rim electroplated diamond saw blades are ultra-thin, stainless steel blades made to conserve gem materials when cutting precious stones. The stainless construction makes these blades ideal for smaller water-cooled lapidary trim saws.
  • MK-303 Professional continuous rim sintered lapidary diamond blades are the ultra-premium standard for cutting most gemstone and lapidary materials like agate, quartz, petrified wood, jasper, and jade. Available in many thicknesses and diameters, 16-inch and larger diameters are segmented rim to increase cooling and cutting speed. Not recommended for water without use of a chemical rust inhibitor. Equivalent to the BD-303 series by sister company Barranca Diamond.
  • BD-305 Agate Kutter Diamond blades from Barranca Diamond have been designed to cut a variety of hard lapidary materials on high speed water cooled tile and brick saws with minimal chipping. Larger diameters are segmented rim.
  • MK-301 Supreme Lapidary Blades provide superior cutting performance for hard materials such as agate, petrified wood or jade. Equivalent to the BD-301 blades by parent company Barranca Diamond.