Photo of Barranca-Diamond BD-305 Diamond Saw Blades at SUVA Lapidary

BD-305 Agate Kutter Diamond Saw Blades

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BD-305 Agate Kutter saw blades have been designed to cut a variety of hard lapidary materials on high speed water cooled tile and brick saws with minimal chipping. These blades give straight cuts in dense rock such as such as quartz, agate, geodes, petrified wood and jasper as well as granite, marble and porcelain tile in your lapidary saw.

These lapidary saw blades manufactured by Barranca Diamond are available in multiple sizes and thickness. The thin rim design and and patented cooling slots reduce the amount of heat and resistance generated when cutting, providing for faster cutting speeds, less loss of material, and a higher quality finish. These agate eater blades are sturdy and durable and are popular with workshops and lapidary clubs as they can easily withstand abuse from beginners and high-volume scenarios. These blades should never be run dry under any circumstances. Blade bushings are available to adapt a chosen blade to your lapidary saw.

Doesn't sound like the right blade for your needs? Check out other lapidary saw blades to fit your saw, including the thinner Lapcraft Dia-Laser blades which are also designed for use with water as coolant.

4" (102mm) 9,000 rpm 15,200 rpm
4-1/2" (114mm) 8,000 rpm 13,500 rpm
5" (127mm) 7,200 rpm 12,200 rpm
5-1/2" (140mm) 6,500 rpm 11,090 rpm
6" (152mm) 6,000 rpm 10,185 rpm
7" (178mm) 5,100 rpm 8,730 rpm
8" (203mm) 4,500 rpm 7,640 rpm
9" (229mm) 4,000 rpm 6,700 rpm
10" (254mm) 3,600 rpm 6,115 rpm
12" (305mm) 3,000 rpm 5,095 rpm
14" (356mm) 2,500 rpm 4,365 rpm
16" (406mm) 2,200 rpm 4,725 rpm