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Bulk Silicon Carbide Grit for Lapidary Tumbling

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These silicon carbide abrasives have sharp, hard grains for fast cutting. Smash those corners and points in the tumbler, wipe out saw marks on the lap, get those stones ready for some polish slurry. Use in rock tumblers, flat laps, sphere machines or wherever coarse and fine grinding grits are needed.

The standard grit sequence can be varied depending on material and need. Standard sequence for rotary tumblers is 60/90, 220 and 600 silicon carbide, followed by a polish. For best results, use an aluminum oxide pre-polish 800 grit before the final polish, especially in vibratory tumblers.

Available in various size and grit packagings:

  • 60/90 coarse ungraded grit available in 10# and 50# bulk packages
  • 220 coarse graded grit available in 10#, and 50# bulk packages
  • 600 pre-polish graded grit available in 8#, and 40# bulk packages

Silicon Carbide Rock Tumbling Grit Kits are also available, containing grit and polish along with instructions and measuring tools.

Follow up with our various polish powder options.

Silicon carbide abrasives ship straight to your door packaged in sturdy containers for convenient storage and use, preventing leakage and contamination. Do your best not to breathe it in, your lungs will thank you in the long run.

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