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Vibra-Dry+ Tumbling Mixes

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Vibra-Dry+ mixes allow you to polish stones and metal pieces without the addition of water, additives, thickeners, or fillers of any kind. Everything you need is in the mix. No more worry about keeping the right amount of liquid or slurry levels, and no mess at the end of each polishing step. Vibra-Dry+ is a dry process, so that your stones, coins or jewelry pieces can be easily removed from the mix, cleaned with only a polishing cloth or rinsed in water. The mix is then ready to process another batch of material. You save time, labor and compound, and achieve a superb polish as well.

There are three main ways to use Vibra-Dry+ to polish stones and metals. For someone, especially a professional jeweler, who wants to put a final, outstanding shine to finished pieces of jewelry, loose faceted stones, pre-formed or poorly finished cabochons, using the 25,000 and 50,000 Vibra-Dry+ mixes fills the need. This applies to most metal pieces as well, such as finished jewelry, castings, coins, etc. In cases of severe tarnish or fire scale, metal pieces may need to be run through one or more coarser grits of Vibra-Dry+ first.

For those wanting to process valuable or delicate materials such as amber, pearls, opals, etc., most of the finishing process may be done just using a series of Vibra- Dry+ mixes, avoiding the use of most or all silicon carbide steps. It just depends on your material.

Then for those just wanting to tumble polish rough stones such as agate and similar gemstone materials, prepare your stones by processing them through the standard silicon carbide grits sequence of 60/90, 220, and 600 grits, followed by 800 grit aluminum oxide pre-polish. This sequence prepares most stones even for standard final polishes, but a far better shine is achieved by then using the 25,000 or 50,000 Vibra-Dry+ mixes.

NOTE: Vibra-Dry+ mixes are formulated for the pre-polish and final polishing steps in processing stones and metals in vibratory tumblers such as the Mini-Sonic Vibratory Tumbler or Vibra-Sonic Vibratory Tumbler Bases. They are not recommended for use in rotary or barrel type tumblers.

The Guidelines given below are just general suggestions. For most stones from 6 to 8 in hardness, going through the silicon carbide grits will prepare your stones properly. Softer stones are harder to polish, and you might find that using some of the coarser Vibra-Dry+ mixes will help.

 Stone Hardness Vibra-Dry Sequence
Soft 2-4 MOHs (amber, corals, pearl, etc) 600-3000-25000-50000
Soft-Medium 4-5 MOHs (apache tears, glass, shell, etc) 3000-25000-50000
Medium 5-6 MOHs (jade, opal, turquoise, etc) 3000-14000-25000-50000
Hard 7-8 MOHs (agates, jaspers, topaz, etc) 14000-25000-50000
All stones & metal for polish 75000-100000


VIBRA-DRY Extender is a specially formulated extender compound relubricates standard Vibra-Dry abrasives and extends their life so that they can be re-used longer.