Photo of Diamond Pacific Vibra-Sonic VT Tumblers at SUVA Lapidary Supply
Photo of Vibra-Sonic_VT-12_Vibratory_Tumbler_at_SUVA_Lapidary_Supply
Photo of Vibra-Sonic Vibra-Sonic VT-14 Vibratory Tumbler at SUVA Lapidary Supply
Photo of Vibra-Sonic VT-35 Vibratory Tumbler at SUVA Lapidary Supply
Diamond Pacific

Vibra-Sonic VT-Series Vibratory Tumblers

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Vibra-Sonic tumblers have a unique movement that produces both a rotary and vibratory tumbling action which reduces processing time of stone or metal by up to 90% compared to ordinary tumblers. The industry standard for over 50 years, these tumblers still outperform and outlast any other type of vibratory tumbler available in a commercial or professional setting.


Only the load rotates at over 2500 vibrations per minute. When getting started, purchase a starter grit kit and top off with bulk silicon carbide grits or other tumbling abrasives and polishes as needed.

Alternately you can use Diamond Pacific's Vibra-Dry+ tumbling compounds, no water is required and you will not have the above-described slurry during grinding and polishing. These compounds can be reused to save material.


When compared to the Mini-Sonic tumbler line, these Vibra-Sonic VT models are ultra-heavy-duty and are built to withstand serious commercial processing duties using cast-aluminum Viking Hoppers which mount directly to the hopper base. The similar VSV series are medium-duty tumblers with standard plastisol hoppers. These tumblers will finish stones much faster than rotary rock tumblers and will also change the initial stone shape less.

Vibra-Sonic bases are powder-coated solid cast aluminum and powered by a 1/3-hp industrial motor with adjustable action and quiet sealed bearings. The 115 volt model has an Appliance Leakage Circuit Interrupter (ALCI) to protect against electrical shock. VT hoppers are cast aluminum with a soft plastisol liner for a quiet, long life. The Viking VT-Style hoppers are only compatible with the Vibra-Sonic bases. VT type hoppers are easy to load and unload and permit access for inspection during operation. Your materials tumble quietly, quickly and without splash or gas buildup. Even the most delicate of materials can be processed without breakage or loss of detail.

⚙️ Genuine Diamond Pacific replacement and spare parts are also available for your Vibra-Sonic tumbler

Available Vibra-Sonic VT Configurations

You get to choose the size and number of hoppers for your particular operation with Diamond Pacific's Vibra-Sonic tumblers. You can have one or two load stages processing simultaneously depending on your hopper configuration. You have several choices for the VT-series:

  • The VT-12 configuration is a base with two VT-12 6-lb capacity hoppers with soft plastisol lids to perform grinding and polishing operations simultaneously. Base requires two of these hoppers to be installed for balance but you may choose to fill only one at a time if desired.
  • The VT-14 configuration is a base with one VT-14 14-lb capacity hopper with a soft plastisol lined cast aluminum lid with wing-nut lock for a liquid-tight seal. This model is ideal for smaller stones or long pieces.
  • The VT-35 configuration is a base with one VT-35 35-lb capacity hopper with a soft plastisol lined cast aluminum lid with wing-nut lock for a liquid-tight seal. This is ideal for large loads or larger pieces.

Additional or replacement vibratory tumbler hoppers are available separately. It is advisable to purchase an extra hopper to use exclusively for polishing to absolutely minimize the chance of cross-contamination.

Equipment Manuals & Tumbling Instructions