Photo of Diamond Pacific Roc-Oil Saw Coolant 1 gal at SUVA Lapidary 412-RO-1
Diamond Pacific

Roc-Oil Saw Coolant

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🚚 Ships with a lead-time from Diamond Pacific .
🚚 Ships with a lead-time from Diamond Pacific .

Roc-Oil by Diamond Pacific is a high quality, food grade mineral oil that outperforms other lapidary saw cutting oils and without any of their typical disadvantages. Use it to cut any rock from soft to hard, in any saw large or small. You get top quality performance along with user-friendly advantages.

This lapidary saw lubricating oil is a non-toxic and rated as a food-grade mineral oil so you know it is safe to handle. It does not burn your skin unless you are very sensitive, and has no disagreeable odor.

Roc-Oil has a high flashpoint, and is non-flammable under normal conditions. Its flash point is 309° which is above normal operating temperatures of a lapidary saw. It is also above the flash point of similar, lower grade mineral coolants.

Please follow your local regulations for disposing of spent mineral oils.

Diamond Pacific Roc-Oil MSDS PDF download