Photo of Diamond Pacific Model TR-36 Slab Saw 230V 60Hz 605-36-1000
Photo of Diamond Pacific Model TR-36 Slab Saw 220V 50Hz export 605-36-1000X
Diamond Pacific

Model TR-36 Slab Saw

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You must be taking this seriously. The Diamond Pacific TR-36 slab saw is designed for commercial and industrial lapidary use, providing anyone wanting to cut large pieces of rock with a heavy duty reliable rock saw. Built to handle large and heavy pieces of rock, these saws are also widely used in industry for other applications like cutting concrete and asphalt specimens for testing in construction projects, slicing core samples in the oil industry, geological specimens, etc. The standard TR-Series slab saws are designed for lapidary use. For other industrial or commercial uses modifications must be made to the saws. For anyone with such special requirements, just provide us with your specifications and we will give you a quote on building a saw to fit your particular need.

For all its size, the Model TR-36 saw is easy to operate and provides professional cutters of gem material, glass, and core samples with reliable performance cut-after-cut.

  • Powerglide Hydraulic Feed System pushes rock to blade for steady cutting. Set the pressure and feed at a constant positive pressure. A power-return feature returns the carriage after a slice completes.

  • The blade is constantly cooled and cleaned by the recirculating system. Coolant is directed to Bothe sides of the blade throughout the cutting operation. Recirculation tank holds 30 gallons of oil as a coolant. Roc-Oil is available in 1 or 4-gallon cases.

  • The vise is operated by a 1" Acme thread screw. It has a 23½" opening with a 14" depth of cut, 11½" cross feed for a maximum of 14"H x 23½"D x approx 30"W maximum rock size. The jaw face measures 15" wide. V-Guide rails have 4" U-Channel supports, arbor shaft is 1".

  • Tank is made of 3/16" steel plate and measures 96" L x 40" W x 27" D. The hood has four heavy duty gas assist springs for lifting. Safety shut-off switch stops the saw when the hood is raised... but oh my goodness please let that oil settle first.
  • Driven by a 3 HP continuous duty motor available in 220V 60Hz or 240V 50Hz. 5 HP and 3-phase motors are also available in either frequency, please contact for upgrades.
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TR-Series Saws Maximum
blade size
Maximum sample height Maximum sample length
Model TR-18 18"
Model TR-24
24" 8¾" 20"
Model TR-36
36" 14" 25"