Photo of Diamond Pacific Trim Saw for Pixie Gem Maker at SUVA Lapidary 100-PTS-105
Diamond Pacific

Trim Saw for Diamond Pacific Pixie Gem Maker

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This item is occasionally backordered since 2020 due to saw blade availability.

With this attachment you can add a handy trim saw in a matter of minutes to your Diamond Pacific Pixie Gem-Maker.

Now you can trim small slabs on your Pixie Gem Maker. You can cut up to a 5" square slab right in half. Easy to attach the trim saw parts by removing the right hand wheel adaptor, and then attaching the saw blade adaptor with blade. The saw table and blade guard are made of stainless steel for long life. Comes with a 6" sintered rim blade and uses your Pixie's geyser. You can use either a 1/2" or 5/8" arbor hole blade by turning over the blade flange. We recommend using a water-specific blade such as a Dia-Laser or BD-305 with this saw attachment.

Comes with saw table, blade guard, 6" blade, adaptor, flanges, instructions, and safety goggles.