Photo of Diamond Pacific Model 10TS-B Lapidary Slab Trim Saw 115V 60Hz 600-10-1219-1

Diamond Pacific Model 10TS-B Lapidary Slab Trim Saw

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This item was discontinued by the manufacturer.

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The Diamond Pacific Model 10TS-B Lapidary Saw has all the features needed to make it a versatile trim and slab gravity-feed saw. Easy to use as a trim saw because the vise rotates off to one side to free the table for trimming. With the vise in place, you can slab rocks up to 3½” in diameter. Table measures 12”W x 17”L; overall size approximately 29½”L x 18”W.

It’s built solid and rugged with a cast aluminum construction and a durable, impact-resistant finish. Arbor shaft is ⅝” stainless steel with lubricated factory sealed ball bearings, and an extra neoprene oil seal on the tank side. You must use this saw with oil as a coolant. We recommend Roc-Oil for fast cutting without the usual disadvantages of oil. This saw uses approximately ½ gallon of coolant.

The vise jaws are steel plate with hardwood facings. Designed for a time-tested, economical gravity feed system, the vise has 1½” lateral movement for cross-feeding and adjustable stop guide for constant thickness cuts.

10-inch blade is not included. Spare and replacement parts are also available.