Photo of Foredom Handpieces H.44T at SUVA Lapidary
Photo of Foredom Handpieces H.44T at SUVA Lapidary

H.44T Handpiece for Foredom Flex Shaft

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Foredom's General-Purpose H.44T Large Collet Style Handpiece is popular among woodcarvers and others who use larger-shank burs and accessories, or when using non-standard shank burs during gemstone carving and jewelry work.


The H.44T handpiece accepts rotary burs and accessories with shanks up to 1/4". It comes with 3/32", 1/8" and 1/4" collets, and pin and wrench. Additional collets or handy collet adapters may be purchased separately to maximize the versatility of your handpiece. Optional collet adapters or micro-chucks are available to make changing between different shank size burs and accessories quicker by not needing to swap collets. Has prelubricated ball bearings that require no additional lubrication. Use with a key tip shaft ONLY. Other handpieces are also available to custom-suit your particular task at hand.

⚙️Replacement ball bearings are available for your handpiece when it begins showing signs of wear.

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