Photo of Diamond Pacific Vi-Bro-Lap Vibratory Lap 20VL Vi-Bro-Lap 20VL 115V 60 Hz* at SUVA Lapidary 620-41-108415
Photo of Diamond Pacific Vi-Bro-Lap Vibratory Lap 20VL REQUIRED Crating Fee at SUVA Lapidary 620-41-C20
Diamond Pacific

Vi-Bro-Lap Vibratory Lap

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The Diamond Pacific Vi-Bro-Lap Vibratory Laps produce flat surfaces on geode halves, agates, petrified wood, and other materials and specimens while relieving you of the frustration of a nagging labor-intensive process during your lapping process.

The Vi-Bro-Lap can accommodate a number of specimens at the same time. The tempered aluminum lap plate is grooved in a criss-cross pattern which continuously refines and circulates the abrasive grits as they are crushed to smaller and smaller sizes between the lap plate and the workpiece.

While the Vi-Bro-Lap plate oscillates, work-pieces rotate in the pan. This gives a faster grinding surface speed, distributes abrasives, ensures a flat polished surface, and equalizes wear on the lap plates. When the work piece is ground flat and satin smooth, use the felt polishing pad with a fine polishing compound to obtain a fine mirror-like finish on your workpiece.

  • Lap plates are manufactured from heat treated aluminum alloy to produce a tough, wear-resistance lapping surface. Each surface has a milled V-grooves in a square pattern to allow grit to circulate.
  • Suspension is controlled by aircraft strength cable, adjustable for fine leveling to keep your workpieces evenly distributed over the lap plate surface
  • The 20" 20VL model measures 21" W x 21" D x 21" H
  • The 27" 27VL model measures 28" W x 28" W x 30" H
  • Frame is constructed from welded, fabricated steel for stability.
  • Powered by a ⅓ HP motor. Felt polishing pad included. An export model is available powered by a 220V / 50 HZ for use outside the USA.
  • Ships with frame, motor, two pans, felt polishing pad, and set of brackets.
  • Crating fees are required in your cart on the machine (sorry - they're pretty big). Please include this option in your cart with the machine.

For general-purpose lapidary use, a sequence of tumbling grits in 60/90 coarse, 220 coarse, 400 fine, 600 pre-polish, 1000 pre-polish, then a suitable polish slurry will produce a satisfactory shine on most lapidary materials. In general, a larger number of grit steps will lead to a better final polish.

Genuine Diamond Pacific replacement and spare parts are also available for your Vi-Bro-Lap.

A donation of a portion of this item's proceeds will be made to an approved humane organization.


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