Photo of Diamond Pacific Double Deck Vibratory Lap DL18 DL-18 Double Deck Lap at SUVA Lapidary 620-42-2000
Double Deck Vibratory Lap DL18
Diamond Pacific

Double Deck Vibratory Lap DL18

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The Diamond Pacific DL-18 Double Deck Vibratory Lap allows simultaneous rough grinding and finish polishing with a double-decker 18" pan setup.

The top pan can polish with its special premium grade felt pad while the lower pan works through the other stages of grind and prepolish.


Slabs are rotated in a circular orbit so there is little damage to any stone edge. Each pan comes with a heavy duty vinyl tubing around the outer edge to act as a buffer between moving slabs and sides of the pans.

For general-purpose lapidary use, a sequence of tumbling grits in 60/90 coarse, 220 coarse, 400 fine, 600 pre-polish, 1000 pre-polish, , then a suitable polish slurry will produce a satisfactory shine on most lapidary materials. In general, a larger number of grit steps will lead to a better final polish.


The lower plate is aluminum finished with special indentations for use with silicon carbide grits for grinding and sanding flat stones. It comes with a heavy-duty vinyl bumper ring to serve as a buffer between moving slabs and the edges of the pans. The upper pan comes with a premium grade felt polishing pad that can be charge dwith a variety of polishes for the final process on your slabs. Each pad shoudl only be used with one type of polish. If you need to use different polishes, each should have its own polish pad to prevent contamination. The polishing pad is used over a smooth surfaced aluminum plate. Brackets hold the two pans in place, one above the other, and are designed for easy removal of the pans. The machine is made of non-rusting aluminum castings and only weighs 50 pounds so it can be moved from place to place as needed but still heavy enough to remain stable while operating.

DL-18 ships with frame, motor, two pans, felt polishing pad, and set of brackets. For use overseas, include the "transformer" option with your order.

⚙️ Genuine Diamond Pacific replacement and spare parts are also available for your Vi-Bro-Lap.

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