Photo of Diamond Pacific 8RL Rotary Lap US plug at SUVA Lapidary 500-8RL-100
Diamond Pacific

8RL Rotary Lap

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🚚 Ships with an average 4-10 week lead-time from Diamond Pacific for ANY dealer.
🚚 Ships with an average 4-10 week lead-time from Diamond Pacific for ANY dealer.

The Diamond Pacific 8RL 8" rotary lap with high torque gear head motor is a smaller lap machine that is great for small flats and flat surface lapping. The 8RL Lap machine is capable of polishing most small slabs, bookends and pen stands, and geode and specimen faces that would be produced by a small slab saw. Performing jobs essential to any lapidary's toolset, this portable and affordable lap will fit on most benchtops and in most small work areas.

The 8RL was designed around Diamond Pacific's 8" Magnetic Nova Laps. Changing grits with Magnetic Novas is quick and easy, one Magnetic Nova is removed and replaced with a subsequent grit. Since the diamonds are permanently bonded to the work surface of the Magnetic Nova, there's little chance of contamination. The recommended grit sequence for the 8RL is 30, 60, 280, 600, 1200 and 3000 grits followed by Super Premium Cerium Oxide Polish on a felt Pad. Other grit sequences are available and can be used to suit various needs, discs are not included with the machine and can be custom ordered in your preferred grits.

The machine tank is heavy duty fabricated with powder coating, measuring 12"x 14" by 17" deep with an overall height of 27". The drip-style water reservoir has an adjustable valve to regulate flow of water with a drip spout that is easily moved as needed.