Photo of Webber's Artisans Mark Texturing Hammers at SUVA Lapidary Supply
Photo of Webber's Artisans Mark Square Texturing Hammer at SUVA Lapidary Supply HAM-6101
Artisan's Mark Texturing Hammers

Artisan's Mark Texturing Hammers

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📦 In stock and ships within 4-24 hours!
📦 In stock and ships within 4-24 hours!

Wubbers Artisan's Mark Texture Hammers offer two different textures per hammer. The larger shaped face of the hammer has indented lines that are loosely parallel to each other. The narrow face has a different linear pattern that is also indented, making it easy to masterfully create unique borders on the edge of your metal that complement the pattern on the main hammer face. Layer the textures and enjoy experimenting to see how many different looks you can create with just one hammer!


Custom designed handles and engineered heads offer comfort and control during use. Highly polished steel faces provide for perfect finishing. Overall length is 8-1/2" with 80mm head lengths.

Face Sizes

  • Square: 11-1/2 mm square (main), 3 x 14-1/2 mm (narrow)
  • Sharp: 2 mm by 15 mm (large), 1 x 15 mm (small)