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Home Rock Tumblers

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With industry leading designs and features, the Tumble-Bee is a durable, modernized rotary rock tumbler that is very user-friendly. All three available models make the perfect sizes for professional tumbling of stones, glass and deburring/polishing metals.

Made of ABS plastic with a metal reinforced bottom, the Tumble-Bee housing is rust-free and free of sharp edges. Built-in barrel guides keep your barrels running true while you tumble. The included barrel is made with high quality rubber and is easy to open and close.

Key features

• Strong polyurethane, non-slip timing belt prevents the belt from slipping off the pulleys
• Lighted on/off power switch easily indicates if your Tumble-Bee is on or off
• Motor and pulley are shielded with a motor cover for your safety
• Thermal overload protector shuts off the motor if it overheats, protecting you and the tumbler

Tumble-Bee 1X2 comes complete with one 2lb rubber barrel, one bottle of oil, one Allen wrench, one extra timing belt, and complete instructions.


220V CE-rated models available- contact us for details!