Photo of Diamond Pacific Titan Pump Maintenance Kits Double at SUVA Lapidary 101-TTK
Photo of Diamond Pacific Titan Pump Maintenance Kits Single at SUVA Lapidary 101-TMK
Diamond Pacific

Pump Maintenance Kits for Diamond Pacific Titan

Regular price $36.99 Unit price per
📦 Usually ships within 4-16 hours from SUVA!

Pump maintenance kits include everything needed for routine air supply rebuild maintenance on your Diamond Pacific Titan cabbing machine.

Note that washers are different sizes between kits, choose the kit based on how many pumps your Titan has installed by default - single pump kits are for older model Titans.

These kits contain OEM replacement parts including:

  • Replacement pump leathers
  • Vellumoid gasket
  • Tubing for geysers
  • Pump belts

You can also purchase other replacement parts for your Diamond Pacific Titan if you need to perform more in-depth restoration beyond the pump rebuild.