Photo of Diamond Pacific Stone Marking Scribes Diamond Scribe at SUVA Lapidary 150-SCB-432
Photo of brass and aluminum lapidary marking scribe pencils at SUVA Lapidary Supply 130-14-115
Diamond Pacific

Stone & Metal Marking Scribes

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❌ Discontinued by the manufacturer, see alternatives below.
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❌ Discontinued by the manufacturer, see alternatives below.

These lightweight scribes have either a diamond, carbide, or mixed brass & aluminum tip for marking and scribing on glass, plastic, metal, and stone.

  • SCRIBING PENCIL SET: The basic tool for making the outline of cabochon shapes on slabs, glass, or other materials. The wire pencils, one aluminum and the other brass, come as a set. The scribes are easy to see and will not wash off during sawing or grinding. Sharpen pencils on any grinding wheel.
  • CARBIDE SCRIBE: Pen-style scribe with clip is always where you want it - in your pocket. Hardened carbide tip ensures extended life.
  • DIAMOND TIPPED SCRIBE: Lightweight pen-style scribe that slips in your pocket. Scribe plastic, glass, stone and metals. (shown in photo)