GRS Standard Block & Attachment Set

GRS Standard Block & Attachment Set

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This premium GRS bench vise is perfect for stone setting, small-to-medium-size engravings, and other precision work at your jewelry bench.

A double ball bearing system provides smooth rotation without wear or looseness, the Standard Block combines outstanding quality with value for workholding. Control the rotational resistance with a self-centering internal rotational brake system allowing you to choose the amount of resistance from free to locked. Machined from solid stainless steel for durability and longevity, a satin finish and black jaws reduce glare and eye strain. This package includes the Standard GRS Block base, upper jaw plates, 4 pins, base, 1 plastic hex key, wrench, and 30-piece #003-520 attachment set to increase flexibility when working on varied designs. The ball measures 5.12 inches diameter with a jaw height of 1.5 inches. The jaw width is 2.5 inches with a maximum opening of 3 inches.

The attachment set includes a variety of pins that fit the upper jaw plates of every GRS Block, you can now instantly solve workholding problems and start working sooner. Includes 4 one-half Thermo-Loc sticks, 8 small pins, 4 flat square pins, 2 rectangular inset-curve pins, 4 thick round inset pins, 8 rubber-coated pins, and 2 leather-faced ring clamp pins in molded base.

Download GRS Standard Block Set Manual