Photo of Foredom Mini Vises at SUVA Lapidary Supply
Photo of Foredom Plastic Mini Vise at SUVA Lapidary Supply A-F37210
Photo of Foredom Metal Mini Vise at SUVA Lapidary Supply A-F37200


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📦 In stock and ships within 4-24 hours!
📦 In stock and ships within 4-24 hours!

These Foredom mini-vises are a ideal for securing small gemstones or jewelry pieces for drilling or cutting where stability and security are critical. Never again suffer a broken heart from a slipped cut or scramble after a valuable stone or work-in-progress goes flying across your workshop.


  • The plastic vise holds small workpieces for precision lapidary or jewelry work requiring water such as drilling, sanding or shaping shell or stone. Lightweight plastic vise with stainless steel threaded shaft for advancing jaw won't rust. Measures 4-1/4"x3-1/8"x1-3/4" high, Jaw width is 1-3/4" x height 4", max capacity 1-5/8". Mounting holes are 15/64" diameter for #12 screws.
  • The metal zinc die-cast mini vise firmly grasps small workpieces for precision drilling on the table top. It has horizontal and vertical "v" grooves for holding small round pieces, and slots in the base for mounting with bolts to Foredom drill press table slots. Jaw width: 1-3/16", Jaw capacity: 1-1/2", Jaw height: 1/2".