Photo of Diamond Pacific Vertical Flat Polisher VFP-12 at SUVA Lapidary
Diamond Pacific

Vertical Flat Polisher VFP-12 (Discontinued)

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📦 This item was discontinued by the manufacturer

Polish flats in record time with the new Diamond Pacific VFP Flat Polisher.

You can polish small cabs all the way up to one foot slabs, on the 12" diameter vertical magnetic flat polishing pad mounted to a steel plate. Includes a set of safety goggles which must be worn when using the machine.

Driven by a powerful 1/2 HP motor and 175 RPM gearhead. Charge the 12" felt pad with your favorite polish and go to work. Pad must be kept moist with an occasional squirt of water from a spray bottle, and recharge the pad with polish as needed.

Replacement steel plates and felt pads are available in the drop-down.