Photo of Diamond Pacific Recirculating Oil System for Lapidary Slab Saws 14-24 inch 115V 60Hz 600-24-8000
Diamond Pacific

Recirculating Oil System for Lapidary Slab Saws

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Multi-stage filter and recirculation system kits for slab saws

Diamond Pacific has improved and enlarged the coolant recirculating systems for their saws, and have made them available in kits for use on most other large slab saws as well. The system can move large volumes of clean oil over the cutting surface of the saw blade to keep it cool and lubricated. The holding tanks are heavy duty plastic with multiple settling chambers to filter out particles from the coolant. The tank and submersible pump are easily cleaned.

Specifications for systems for TR-Series saws approximate those given below for separate kits available for other large lapidary slab saws.

The kits contain submersible pump, coolant tank, hose and fittings. Systems will fit most saws and are easily installed using common hand tools.

  • Tanks for 14" - 24" saws hold approximately 15 gallons and measure 17"W x 22"L x 12"H, comes with lid.
  • Tanks for 30" - 36" saws hold approximately 30 gallons and measure 18"W x 24"L x 18"H, comes with lid.
  • Pumps for 115v systems are 1/10HP

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