Photo of Diamond Pacific The Carvers Choice 115v Workstation at SUVA Lapidary 660-CC
Photo of Diamond Pacific The Carvers Choice at SUVA Lapidary
Photo of Diamond Pacific The Carvers Choice 5/16 inch Flexible Shaft ONLY (without handpiece) at SUVA Lapidary 103-BO-15
Diamond Pacific

The Carvers Choice

Regular price $57.60 Unit price per
🚚 Ships with an average 9-12 week lead-time from Diamond Pacific for ANY dealer.
🚚 Ships with an average 9-12 week lead-time from Diamond Pacific for ANY dealer.
🚚 Ships with a lead-time from Diamond Pacific .

Now you can carve the fixed-point method, or use a flexible-shaft - either way with the same unit. Plus, you have a unique coolant/shield setup that protects you from any coolant splash, but with no shields to interfere with a clear line of sight to the work piece as you carve.

The design of the unique shield and coolant system makes this possible. Your line of sight passes over one adjustable clear plastic shield and under the other, leaving you with an unobstructed view as you work, yet protected from any splash and splatter. You control the coolant flow as well, allowing you to adjust the drip to an efficient minimum.

Not only that, you have plenty of room to maneuver your work piece around the fixed-point arbor. The adjustable 3-jaw chuck accommodates accessory shanks from 0-5/32". The motor is 1/6 HP with adjustable speeds or in 230 Volt for use outside the USA.

The Carver's Choice easily converts to allow flexible-shaft carving. Just remove the arbor chuck (included with the unit) and attach a flexible-shaft- which must have a 5/16" coupling which allows you to use almost any of Foredom's handpieces. A flexible-shaft is not included with the unit and must be added separately.. When you convert to the flexible-shaft method, you can move the workstation unit out away from the motor, giving you plenty of room for movement of the flexible-shaft. The workstation is completely self-contained, and can be used elsewhere in your shop. The Carver's Choice unit is the suggestion of master carver Dick Friesen, so it works.

The Carver's Choice ships including 1/6hp 115V Foredom bench lathe motor mounted on 1-1/2" x 14" baseboard, 0-5/32" chuck for fixed point carving, handy flex-stem lamp, and coolant tank with adjustable valve. Check out the Diamond Pacific Carver's Workstation if you don't need the lathe motor and only want to purchase the carving enclosure.

Optional Flex shaft is not included with the workstation and must be added separately. With the optional shaft you can convert your lathe, drill press or electric drill into a flex-shaft machine. When using the 30" Flexade Flex Shaft, the motor speed should operate at 3500 RPM or higher and ONLY in a forward direction. The flex shaft is compatible with any Foredom Quick Change Handpiece (not included). Flexade shaft comes with motor coupling.

There are two choices available for the optional flex-shaft attachment:

  • BO-15 for current models of Foredom's M.BL Lathe and other motors with 5/16" diameter shafts.
  • BO-14 for Multi-Flex Flex Shaft Carver, older Foredom lathes and other motors with 1/4" motor shafts.