Photo of Hi-Tech Diamond All-U-Need Water Kit at SUVA Lapidary 21-100
Hi-Tech Diamond

Water Kit for Hi-Tech All-U-Need

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The All-U-Need water kit is the main water system for the Hi-Tech Diamond All-U-Need flat lap machine. It is included with every all-u-need machine and provides proper water flow while you work. What you see in the picture is exactly how it comes. Water kit fits both 6" and 8" models.


  • Two white cups - one cup comes with a pre-drilled hole for the water valve to fit in, the other cup does not
  • One drip tube - this is the clear tube that drains the dirty water from the white catch tray to the cup with no hole
  • One water control valve - the black water valve controls the amount of clean water that gets dripped onto your discs

All-U-Need water kit dimensions: The bottom of the cups measure 3-1/2" diameter and the top of the cups measure 4-1/2" diameter. Cups are 3-1/2" tall.

IMPORTANT PURCHASING NOTE: This water kit is specially designed for use on Hi-Tech Diamond All-U-Need machines ONLY. This includes both the rock/mineral and glass/crystal versions of the All-U-Need lapidary machine