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Diamond Pacific

Silicon Carbide Grit Kits for Rotary or Vibratory Tumblers

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Kits make it easy for those just learning or starting a new tumbler. The abrasives included will polish a variety of stones from soft to hard. When using larger tumblers, it is more economical to purchase individual grits in larger quantities, and in the grit sizes to fit your needs.

These kits are perfect for rotary and vibratory tumblers, and use water in each step. Kits contain 60/90, 220, and 600 silicon carbide grits, aluminum-oxide pre-polish, polish, ceramic media for filler, measuring cups, and instructions.

  • The KW-10 kit contains enough abrasives for approximately 8-10 loads for the MT-4 tumbler. You will have less for the Raytech TV-5 and other tumblers.
  • The KW-20 kit contains enough abrasives to do about 3–4 loads in tumblers with 8 to 10 pound barrels.
  • The MT-1 Kit is designed for vibratory tumblers like the MT-4 Mini Sonic. There will be enough grit for several loads in this tumbler.

*Special order, ships directly from our supplier in California after processing. Please allow additional time for delivery and we may not receive shipping tracking numbers.

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