Sintered Diamond Carving Burs - Rounds

Sintered Diamond Carving Burs - Rounds

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Sintered carving burs from Inland Lapidary are professional grade tools. 

The sintering process produces a uniform matrix of diamond crystals embedded in a strong, durable binder. Sintered diamond burs will last 5 to 10 times longer than diamond plated burs and up to 100 times longer than various types of silicon carbide or aluminum oxide mounted abrasive points. Suitable for shaping and carving all kinds of minerals and gemstones. Follow up with Diamond Pacific Nova Sanding Points.

All burs are on a 3/32" (2.35mm) shafts measuring 35mm excluding the diamond portion. Maximum Speed Rating is 25,000 RPM and must be used with water.

Be sure to maintain and re-shape your valuable sintered burs with the companion Diamond Re-Shaping Block.

These burs are available in multiple shapes in 100, 220, 325, and 600 diamond grits:

*Ships from in-house stock in limited quantities. Please let us know if your needed quantity, mesh, or size is unavailable so we can increase stock levels ASAP!

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