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Poly Aluminum Polishing Compound Powder

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Use this polishing compound on your pads or buffs. To use this polish, make a nice slurry by mixing the polish with either water, mineral oil (like Roc-Oil) or a 50-50 oil and dishwashing detergent mixture.

Aluminum Oxide "Poly" polishes are high grade aluminas that have been custom developed for the lapidary industry, use as you would cerium or tin oxides:
  • POLY-AL LS is an aggressive powder. Graded at 1.4-1.6 microns, it is an ideal pre-polish.
  • POLY-AL T is a medium-fine powder, 0.8 micron particles. Polishes better than Tin Oxide, particularly good on hard stones. Ideal pre-polish on softer stones, does not undercut.
  • POLY-AL Z is the most economical of the Poly Products with particles graded at 0.35 microns. Produces an excellent polish.
  • POLY-AL F is the the finest of the Poly Products, with particles of only 0.2 microns. This polish will put a superior polish on most any stone that has been properly prepared for polish and does not break down much during use, so you use less product.

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