DopStation Wax Pot
DopStation Wax Pot
DopStation Wax Pot

Inland DopStation Wax Pot

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The Inland DopStation dop wax pot features a thermostatically controlled pot for melting lapidary dop wax. Its non-stick surface melts wax in under 15 minutes and keeps it at the right temperature while you work.

Outline your cabochon with a template and scribe, trim your preform, and melt your dop wax in this dop pot before attaching your cabochon stones to your Dop Master screws or wooden dowels to make your cabbing process smoother and easier on your hands.

This dopping pot features a custom calibrated ceramic element designed to heat green and black wax fast and then hold it at the proper working temperature. Made of durable plastic, this doppot has a lighted on/off switch, convenient tool storage area, and a flat rim for warming stones prior to dopping. Powered via a 115V US plug with a 6-foot cord.

This is the DopStation dop pot only. Dop Master, dop wax and other tools can be added separately.